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If you are looking to improve the automation in your home, KNX solutions from M.Reinecke offer a number of advantages:

· Increased security

· Energy efficiency

· Considerable increase in comfort

· Flexible design and simple installation

· Wide variety of products

· Extensive service network

· Easily customised to changing user needs

· Reduction in 230V cable lengths

· Connectivity with Smartphone / Tablet PC

The possibilities that modern building systems technology offer are nearly limitless, regardless of whether you have a commercial property or a family home. Thanks to the innovative components you can now have more flexibility, more comfort and more security – all with just one single system. All components interact seamlessly with one another and are connected to a communicating system via a bus.

The complete spectrum of building automation ranges from indoor climate control systems, through interior and exterior lighting and multi-room audio solutions, to roller shutter technology.

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Transform your house into an intelligent property.

We are the exclusive distributors of miniserver-based Smart Home solutions from the Austrian manufacturer Loxone Electronics GmbH. These miniservers control the lighting, shade, heating and cooling systems, irrigation and alarm systems and lots more besides throughout your house. They can even control devices with a LAN interface, such as computers. Operating the small control unit is child’s play with the specially developed Loxone Apps for Smartphones.

A touch is enough to turn on the music system, to change the radio station or to adjust the volume.

The heating settings can be adjusted for each individual room, saving energy and ensuring that you’ll have your perfect temperature in every room. On cold days, for example, you can turn on the heating remotely even if you’re far from home so that you’re greeted with a lovely warm house on your return. You can also easily remove electricity guzzlers from the network if they’re not needed.

The intelligent control unit protects your house from intruders as well: If the motion sensors trigger an alarm, the lights automatically go on, the music system plays at full volume, and the blinds shoot up. This is guaranteed to send unwelcome guests packing. As you can see, the miniserver-based Smart Home solution has many uses.

We would be happy to talk to you about the many different options and help you turn your house into an intelligent home.

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Integrate your iPad in your home and change your lounge wall into a touch screen control panel.

Our viveroo wall mountings are different to those of most other systems in that they are completely built into the wall. This allows the tablet’s slim design to be preserved without being covered by an ugly mounting bracket for which, in the worst case scenario, large holes have to be drilled.

There aren’t any annoying cables either. The viveroo iPad wall mounting’s integrated docking station, through which the iPad can be charged, is particularly practical. And with just a simple hand movement, the tablet can be easily removed from its mounting.

If required, the viveroo can also come with an integrated anti-theft system. As the official distributor of viveroo we would be happy to talk to you about the practical applications of the innovative iPad wall mountings.

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Whether you need entertainment or home automation, Control4 lets you control everything from any location. The intelligent universal control unit is available as an elegant wall-mounted touch panel with intercom function, as a radio remote control or as a smartphone or tablet app for the road. Control4 adapts to your needs and creates automatic sequences for optimal comfort from your operating habits. We would be happy to advise you on how you can use Control4 at your home.

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We create customised audio solutions. There is a huge number of sound systems, hi-fi and stereo systems and network media players on the market promising best quality music playback. We use select components from well-known manufacturers for every sound system.

Create that special live concert atmosphere at home:

· Speakers (wall and ceiling speakers)

· Subwoofers and surround speakers

· Hi-fi systems

· Network media players

· Amplifiers

· and much more

We will not only find the perfect product for you, we will also design customised audio solutions to meet your requirements. Specialist installation of the entire system in your home rounds off our service offering. This means you can enjoy your music in every room of your house. A central network media player gives you access to your stored music data wherever you are in your home. Cables and speakers can be almost invisibly integrated into your furnishings, furniture or wall coverings.

But even the best sound system can’t be used to full effect without the right acoustics. That’s why, during the design phase, we identify the optimal room size and ideal construction for the walls and ceiling in your music room. We are also happy to talk to you about your existing spaces and help you find the best acoustics for a new music or sound system. Alongside our complete solutions and multi-room technologies, our showrooms also showcase individual components from leading international manufacturers of network media players and audio and sound systems. Come and visit us – we would be happy to advise you further.

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We add a new dimension to light! Lighting has a major impact on the ambience of a room. The right lamps can allow you to change the lighting depending on the time of day, the situation or the mood, and give each room a distinctive feel.

We have a large selection of lamps, lighting objects and complete lighting systems from well-known designers. Right from the outset, a coordinated approach to lighting and darkening your rooms is an important component of every home, and we will gladly design a concept just for you. The lighting can be easily controlled at the touch of a button throughout the entire house and garden. We would be more than happy to set it up for you so that it can be controlled via Smartphone or Tablet. We design and install sophisticated control systems for your entire building.

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As exclusive distributors of Illumotion we can transform your rooms into a breathtaking experience. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination thanks to high-definition presentation equipment: Wonderful scenes from nature, fascinating cityscapes, realistic environments, and much more are recorded in 4K technology, the definition of which is four times higher than standard Full-HD 1080p definition, and played back on sturdy industrial displays. These displays are designed for continuous operation and can be completely integrated into the design of your room. Window displays, for example, provide a view of your dream landscapes which can change on a daily basis. The optional use of appropriate light, sound and other effects, such as cold, heat and wind, can transform your dreamscapes into a deceptively realistic experience.

The innovative Illumotion multimedia system has a variety of uses. For example, you can spoil your hotel or restaurant guest with an ambience which changes daily, or you can use an unparalleled audiovisual experience to motivate your employees to excel in the office. Our Illumotion concepts are also used in hospitals and care facilities to contribute to the general sense of wellbeing which adds important therapeutic value. Of course, you can also spoil yourself after a hard day by creating the perfect illusion in your own four walls. We would be happy to talk to you about the options and work with you to create a harmonious room concept.

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ad notam

Why not hide your television behind your bathroom mirror! Our innovative monitoring systems from ad notam let you refine your glass or mirror surfaces. The high-quality monitors have been specially developed for this purpose and are reliable even under the most difficult conditions, such as poor ventilation or confined spaces.

When it comes to the high-performance special displays you can choose between touch screen operation via the glass or mirror surface and a water-resistant remote control which has the ability to constantly learn new functions. The monitors are equipped with a set-top box with WLAN and can receive IP-TV channels, as well as Internet streams. They are also compatible with the usual interactive multimedia systems from Hotel-TV, IP-TV and home automation suppliers.

As the exclusive distributor for ad notam we would be happy to talk to you about the options and work with you to develop you own personal solution.

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Mobotix video solutions will look after your home when you are not there. High-resolution IP cameras from Germany can record brilliant videos without motion blur even in the most difficult light conditions.

As a sales partner, we will be glad to advise you about the possibilities of protection against burglary, theft and vandalism.

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