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Professional consultation and functional design are the most important components for every Smart Home. Which is why we consult with you from the earliest planning stages of your construction, acting as contractor and architect as we develop your project, to assure sophisticated operational building technology, and to ensure that everything runs smoothly down the road.

And by the way, we are knowledgeable about more than just Automation and KNX Systems. Reinecke is also the perfect company for all types of electrical design and installation. We are always available to oversee construction projects for our customers, making sure all involved systems integrate and function together.

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You define your objectives, we will show you how to achieve them. Together we will develop a customized system according to your specifications; a process of preparation that eliminates any unpleasant surprises by creating detailed, practical, goal-oriented solutions to meet your precise requirements. This customer requirement specification, in fact, is one of the most important aspects of KNX – the phase of the process where all features related to switching and dimming, to keypad and light sensor specifications, and so forth, are put down in writing.

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We can set up an interfacing, integrated building technology system, where the push of a button can not only lower the blinds or turn on the heat, but can also operate your stereo system.

We can also construct a single, sophisticated operating panel for you, which integrates seamlessly into your Smart Home environment. Linking your various devices employing the KNX standard offers many advantages. Using this system to link your audio and video systems, for example, means that a speaker or remote control device can be integrated almost invisibly into existing surfaces. The control panel also allows activation of various devices with the simple push of a button.

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Already have a KNX system? We’d be happy to optimize and service the system for you. We can also take a systems reading of your equipment, no matter the size, so that in the event you opt for future expansions or modifications we will know exactly what’s required, even if your data limit has been reached..

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We offer all our customers online support. This allows us to initiate change requests or service assignment needs quickly and easily, from remote locations via the Internet.

PC users can directly type in their password to begin the session.
MAC users are requested to first download and install the Mikogo-Viewer.


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